What we do
Property development is the art of the possible. It is not an exact science. It is a process requiring both rational and creative thinking to achieve great outcomes, considering all the aspects which are desirable, influential and important.

Property solutions tend to be long term, they frequently involve large sums of money, they can have lasting impacts on the people involved and on the users, they are generally unique and they are almost always complex and subject to change.

We provide services to assist our clients by applying our knowledge and skill through the process. We outline a number of steps in the assessment and development of any property solution. This is not a linear or even sequential process, and some development plans may go through several iterations before the right solution is found, but it is important to understand that, without some rigour, opportunities may be missed or compromised.

We are able to offer our services for all aspects; from the big picture, high level assessment to the detailed implementation. We have experience working with diverse groups and in engaging all stakeholders, including community groups. In particular, we have considerable experience in guiding projects through resource consent processes, which are generally critical in terms of value, risk and time.

Although much of what we do is about the physical and financial outcomes, we recognize and embrace the notion that it is the people which make our work worthwhile and who are the users and beneficiaries of any property transaction or enterprise. We are focused on team and relationship building.
Ideas Development
The ability to influence the outcome is greatest at the outset, which is also the time of least expenditure. This is the creative opportunity, to test all the ideas and to expand on them. It is also the time to identify the aspirations and objectives, as well as the guiding criteria which the client wishes to achieve. Time spent on this is rarely wasted.

Options Analysis
There is rarely one solution to any challenge: understanding and assessing all the possible outcomes is important. Once projects get underway, they are hard to reshape, so understanding the options, returns and risks up-front when making decisions is of critical importance.

Defining the Vision
Many of our clients have strong commitments to ideals and values by which they operate and which they wish to see embodied in what they deliver. This, for us, is a key part of sustainability. This is not about producing a one-line mission statement; rather, it is about regularly checking to ensure that what is being planned fits with the values, culture and financial objectives of the client.

As projects are advanced, and particularly for developments involving a number of participants and stakeholders, we are also experienced in developing solutions and documenting arrangements which provide for the aspirations and objectives of all parties. We are experienced in developing solutions based on consensus and mutual gain.

Development Planning
As the planning process proceeds, the development of financial models to test the options is a vital tool. This allows various options to be tested and compared, and for different scenarios to be considered. As the concepts start to firm up, this modeling becomes more rigorous, but is a flexible tool which is helpful in framing up the optimal plan. This provides direction to the design teams and enables the client to understand the impact of different ideas and options.

Value Enhancement
Very often, the focus of developments is on the costs. This is always important, but outcomes can be greatly enhanced by focusing on the enhancement of the value of what’s planned. This may not always be financial value, but projects are undertaken to create value. We place great emphasis on ensuring that value is optimized and enhanced throughout the development process and beyond.

Project and Development Management
As the development plan takes shape and enters the process of implementation, there is generally a need to guide that implementation through what is generally a dynamic environment. Project management is generally about managing cost, time and quality. We have extensive large-project experience in implementation and in the management of design teams and contractors.

In addition, we are experienced in the development, or value, side of projects: managing marketing strategies and sales, funding, resource consenting and so forth.

Ideas Realization
Our strengths are in taking ideas, expanding and enhancing them and then turning them into real, lasting solutions. This process of realizing ideas is complex, creative and constructive and it is what we love to do. It is almost always collaborative, depending on any number of people to make contributions. It can be a challenging process, but it can also be enormously rewarding, both materially and emotionally, when it is done well.

Going from the spark of an idea to delivering a solution which have a positive and enduring impact on the lives of all stakeholders, which is commercially viable and which has a benign impact on the planet is what we do.