What we believe

We believe in promoting the sustainability of property solutions. To us, this means taking care of people, the planet and of profit – the triple bottom line.

Sustainability is not radical, revolutionary or remote . Rather, it is a state of mind which directs our approach and which underpins decision-making.

We also believe that there is an inter-connectedness of things – no property solution should simply depend on the numbers, or on stakeholder needs. The best solutions result from a creative tension developed in assessing the impacts and outcomes as broadly as possible.

Time taken up-front to think about what is needed and what the solutions and impacts might be is never wasted.

Care for People

We believe that the success of what we do is determined by our care for people: the care of all stakeholders in the business we operate and in the advice we provide. It is not just about the shareholders.

Business is not just about delivering a financial bottom line. It is also about caring for the stakeholders involved: our clients, our clients’ clients, future users, our supply partners, our staff, our shareholders, and, importantly, the community within we live and enjoy being part of.

This focus is based on the belief that good business is people-centric – it is about caring for people in what we do, who we do it for and on whose behalf we do it.

Care for the Planet

We seek to ensure that the impacts of what we do has a positive impact on the environment. Where negative impacts exist, we seek to minimize these.

This means that in our work and what we recommend, develop and manage, we consider the physical impacts and work towards careful and considered management of energy and non-renewable resources as well as reducing waste in inefficiency.

We believe that what we create should benefit the health of the planet – in the short, medium and long term.

Care for Profit

Whilst we are in business to make a profit, we believe that the success of Aegis Projects depends on the profitability of our stakeholders.

Our success is measured by the profitability we create for our clients, on the rewards we create for our staff, on the business we create for our supply partners and the benefits which flow out to the community in which we work and live.